Aeroplane Publicity Pilot


Mahoney Harris - Publicity and Promotions Manager

Mahoney has been part of the Aeroplane team since it’s inception in July 2011. She has launched successful press campaigns for a wide range of artists, helping to raise their public profile and garnering a reputation as one of the hardest working publicists in town.

Mahoney makes sure artists’ albums make it to the right reviewers and all relevant web, print, radio and TV media. 

Mahoney also services singles to radio for potential airplay. She isn’t a radio plugger, but she'll make sure artists’ songs get heard and will follow up about the outcome.

In addition, Mahoney performs tour publicity, which entails liaising with relative local media about forthcoming shows and scheduling interviews with the artist and media, making sure all upcoming show dates are announced in good time.

“One of the most important facets of my job is good communication with media contacts and especially with the artist. I want them to know that I am working hard for them and give them regular updates so they can see how their campaign is shaping up,” says Mahoney.

“The industry has changed so much in the past 10 years making it so much easier to make music, but in some ways it’s much harder to be heard. It makes me happy if I can help artists’ music reach more people.”

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 Campaigns to date:

‘Beck’s New New Zealand Music’ compilation album release 2014

Tami Neilson – Family Reunion Tour 2014

Tattletale Saints – ‘How Red is the Blood’ album and 2014 NZ tour

Into The East – ‘Fight from the Inside’ album release and 2014 NZ Tour

The Veils – ‘Troubles of the Brain’ e.p.

The Warratahs – ‘25 Year Collection’ album and subsequent tours

Andrew Keoghan – ‘Arctic Tales Divide’ album and subsequent NZ shows

Ariana Tikao – ‘From Dust to Light’ album

Batucada Sound Machine – ‘Don’t Keep Silent’ album

Lindon Puffin – ‘Hope Holiday’ album

The Unfaithful Ways – ‘Free Rein’ album

The Map Room – Debut album release

Bond Street Bridge – ‘Explorers Club: Antarctica’ album

Luckless – Debut album

The Means – ‘The Ends’ e.p.

Little Lapin – ‘Waiting Room’/’Silent Tears’ single releases

Sola Rosa – ‘Never Too Far’ single release and radio servicing

Coach – ‘Family Tree’ album release