Macombee & The absolute truth release new album 'no man's land'

After 6 years and no shortage of trials and tribulations, Macombee & the Absolute Truth release their new album 'No Man's Land'.

Cinematic arrangements wrap themselves around Sarah Macombee's exquisite voice drawing you into a world you want to visit again and again. Her strikingly original songs are equal parts movie, art, and fly on the wall.
Macombee’s stories are ones you realise you know intimately. If you haven't lived through the exact experience yourself you'll know someone who has.  Through her uncompromising viewfinder, she lays out the pain and the beauty of what it is to be human. 
Add to that the beautiful harmonies provided by her daughter Poppy, the production wizardry of Louis Bernstone and you have the ingredients of something rare and evocative. 
We’ve heard before of the adversity bands face in order to make an album.  Few could claim the re emergence of a disease front woman Sarah Macombee thought she had cured.  Or the tragic untimely death of their very talented producer Ben Stockwell followed by the death of Sarah’s Mother.  We’ll get to the exploding double D’s later…
These exquisite songs are now available for all to hear and enjoy.
No Man’s Land is released via Ellamy Records and available on AmplifieriTunes and all good digital outlets.
Macombee & the Absolute Truth will be performing on Saturday December 13th at the Lopdell Theatre, Titirangi, Auckland. Tickets available here.