The Map Room's new 'Pilot' video

The Map Room have released a stunning new video for their single 'Pilot' from their successful self-titled debut album. The video, shot by Jared Kahi, captures the transformative magic of a good idea – and how it can simply write itself from there.

Showcasing stunning effects such as profiling the visual motif from the album cover of The Map Room’s self-titled 2013 debut – from which ‘Pilot’ is lifted, this single is ruddy with lush and sensitive indie pop, the album debuting at #7 on the NZ album chart.

The Map Room consists of core duo of Simon Gooding and Brendon Morrow, while Kahi and drummer Andy Keegan help flesh things out live.  They’re now working on their second self-recorded album, due out early next year.

The ‘Pilot’ video was made with the support of NZ On Air.

Director Kahi says: “The video is really about writer’s block. The many ups and downs, joys and frustrations of the creative process. From the struggles of trying to pull inspiration out of thin air to the agony of self-doubt and the freedom of letting go and embracing the chaos and stream-of-consciousness.”

The video is currently premiering on messandnoise .