Goodshirt cover kiwi classic


Goodshirt's latest creation is a dynamic 80’s synth fuelled cover version of the 1983 kiwi pop classic ‘Sierra Leone’ by Coconut Rough.

The idea for the single emerged at band practice when keys player Gareth Thomas started playing a synth riff:

 “I initially thought I was playing ‘Money Money Money’ by Abba” says Thomas, “but when Mike (Beehre) chimed in on the drums I realized it was Coconut Rough!”

The band enjoyed jamming on it so much they started playing it live, hence the cover single was born.
Goodshirt enlisted New York animation company Circle Line Projects, the cooperative of Ana Mouyis, Zachary Zezima and kiwi spatial artist, Tim Brown to make the music video, giving them total creative license. Inspired by the song and by the works of Len Lye, the creators combined different media such as live-action footage on green screen, hand painted textures and imagery, video, digital animation and animation scratched into 35mm film. 

To celebrate the release, Goodshirt are giving away their single for free on Soundcloud.

Watch the video here: