New album due for Nathan Haines

Celebrated New Zealand jazz icon, Nathan Haines, will release his tenth studio album, 5 A DAY, on Friday, November 28.

 The 8-track album was written in London at the start of the year after Nathan and his wife returned to the leaden grey skies and bone chilling cold of London after a wonderful holiday in their native New Zealand. The plan was to make an album representing Haines’ life in both the UK and New Zealand, something about the people in his life, and also detailing the sounds and feelings of living in one of the world's greatest and baddest cities.

Long-time friend and collaborator Mike Patto (who produced his last two records, THE POET'S EMBRACE andVERMILLION SKIES) was once again called upon for production duties. However, the album’s production  was done as a  full co-production with Nathan and Mike sharing engineering and recording duties at Patto’s studio in rural Buckinghamshire where the duo spent over three months re-working, crafting the final tracks.

5 A DAY also includes collaborations with vocalists, Vanessa Freeman, Tama Waipara and Kevin Mark Trail.

5 A DAY is released on Friday, November 28 and will be available on CD, vinyl and digital.

 Nathan Haines will be playing the entire album live at The Tuning Fork in Auckland on Thursday, December 4.