Megan Sidwell

Megan Sidwell is pleased to announce the release of her debut 5-track e.p. ‘Forever on a Sunday’.

Sidwell’s music embodies a perfect blend of edgy, chuck-wearing rocker with the pure heart of a country belle. Her songs pulse with infectious pop hooks, country harmonies and edgy dramatic overtones. Her voice is clear, heartfelt, real.

Her first single ‘Still Have Time’ is a rollicking country pop track with an infectious drum beat, warm scratchy electric guitar and honky tonk piano. Sidwell’s voice is reminiscent of Taylor Swift in its clarity and conviction, as she effortlessly reaches heady notes backed by bittersweet harmonies.

Tauranga born, Sidwell won the Smokefree Rockquest Regional Heats’ Female Musicianship award twice over in 2007 and 2008. She is now based in Auckland where she is finishing her Bachelor of Music at The University of Auckland.

“Being able to watch and hear these songs come to life was the most electrifying feeling I have experienced.” States Sidwell. “I had an amazing team and ended up with a product I am very proud to put my name on”.

Sidwell enlisted multi talented musician Ben King to produce and mix the e.p, and he has skillfully added full dynamics and rich harmonies giving the songs ascendency. The debut also features the talents of Nick Gaffaney on drums and Janek Croyden on pedal steel guitar.