Do you write songs and make music but don't know what to do next? Aeroplane Music offers a music consultation service to help get you started in the music business.

We offer a series of sessions covering a range of areas in the industry including:

- Internet profiling and social media

- Releasing music

- Publicity

- Image consultation and branding

- Rights management

- Music licensing

- Music business affairs

- Setting up for music accounting

- Band and songwriter relationships

For more information about music consultation email Mahoney Harris :



"I just loved working with Aeroplane music. For the first time in my career I felt like my publicist Mahoney did the best possible job she could have done for me and my record.

Mahoney is very grounded and confident and makes things happen - rather than talking about it she does it. Aeroplane music worked hard on my release of my 4th album Shot of Gold and also did wonderful job on tour promotion and press.  I felt at ease working with Mahoney and grateful I didn't have to worry I was able to relax and trust in process.

Mahoney  restored my faith in paying a publicist! It was well worth the money and I would highly recommend working with Aeroplane music. Mahoney has great relationships with the media and press and is very respected and liked in the music community in NZ.  She can open doors for you. I will definitely be working with Mahoney and Aeroplane music on my next release and tour in New Zealand!"

Jackie Bristow, Musician, August 2016

"I have twice invited Mahoney Harris this year to speak with my students in courses on Music Industry Studies. My colleague recommended Mahoney as someone who was insightful, informed and had a natural rapport with the students.

That has been confirmed to me by her hour-long sessions but would also add that Mahoney brings a candour which the students immediately warm to, that she exudes a degree of positivity which they find encouraging as they embark on their music careers, and that she speaks with assurance about specifics which is beneficial and interesting.

I would unequivocally recommend Mahoney in any matters pertaining to music consultancy as someone of great integrity, empathy and professionalism".

Graham Reid, Professional Teaching Fellow, School of Music, University of Auckland, August 2016

"Mahoney Harris and Aeroplane Music did an excellent job of my latest 'London' album release in New Zealand July 2016.

I would highly recommend their services. They are truly an artist friendly PR company, which in my experience is not generally the case. Mahoney was on top of things from the get go. Organizing the release well in advance and getting my name and my music out to key figures in the New Zealand  Media. 

She also cheerfully and gently motivated and guided me to bring my profile up to date on the internet and digital media distribution. I could not have had such a successful release with out Mahoney and the staff backing me up every step of the way. Their fees are reasonable and competitive, they did a great job and it was worth every penny. 

Truly a pleasure to work with.  I will be referring their services and most definitely be using them again in the future." 

Helen Henderson, Musician, August 2016