Auckland seven-piece collaboration Mice On Stilts traverse genre distinctions to create their own brand of ‘doom folk,’ described by one reviewer as “a sombre, subtle and slow-to-grow opus that virtually exudes a cinematic aura others of their kind often only allude to.”

Enthusiastic fans and critics have likened the band to Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Kayo Dot, Steven Wilson and King Crimson. Their debut EP, An Ocean Held Me, is founded on ideas of darkness, empathy and catharsis. These themes extend into their upcoming album, Hope For A Mourning, which capitalises on the diverse range of instruments mastered by the seven skilled musicians.

Mice On Stilts formed predominantly through chance encounters on buses, at parties and at open mic events. Together, Benjamin Morley and guitarist Tim Burrows began recording a series of songs that attempted to make sense of complex emotional landscapes. After an overwhelmingly positive response, the band grew from strength to strength – both in size and in its ability to articulate facets of grief and hope that Benjamin Morley sought to explain.

Mice On Stilts have been lauded for their technical skill and stirring presence as a live band. Now reaching beyond the confines of music, MOS have collaborated with local artists, photographers, writers and designers to create an art book to accompany their upcoming release, the contents within a direct response to the engaging lyrics and emotional scope of Hope For a Mourning.

Band Members:

Guy Harrison – Trumpet/Piano

Tim Burrows – Bass/Vocal effects

Rob Sanders – Drums

Charlie Isdale - Saxaphone/Violin

Sam Loveridge - Violin/Guitars

Benjamin Morley – Guitars/Vocal