Grayson Gilmour Releases New Single and Video 'Hundred Waters'

Amidst new film scores and a project with the RBMA, Grayson Gilmour is preparing to unveil his new record, titled Otherness. The first glimpse of the album comes with the gentle dancefloor shuffle of ‘Hundred Waters, available to listen/view in 360° video / spatial audio, directed by Parallel Teeth.

Grayson Gilmour - Hundred Waters (360° Spatial Audio)

 Glitching synths keep company with colourful abstracts featuring Parallel Teeth’s manipulations of the LP artwork (painted by internet art-phenomenon and previous GG collaborator Henrietta Harris). Viewers can travel through both audio and video, dictating the audio balance and visual dynamic.

“I’m a bit of a contradiction in the sense that I'm fascinated by technology that is old, analogy and clumsy, while at the same time being intrigued by all kinds of tech developments going on right now”, says Gilmour. “I'd seen a small 360° clip that Rob (Parallel Teeth) had animated, thought it'd be a great experiment for a music video -- a chance to engage with people in a new and different way.” 

Crystalline vocals and fizzing bass synths are given the attention they deserve in the spatial audio; as Gilmour repeats the line “open up”,  a rallying mantra to listeners and creators alike to reach further, expand; dive in. 

Grayson Gilmour performs a special live show tonight (3rd March) at the Christchurch Art Gallery, alongside Purple Pilgrims and New Dawn. Grab tickets from the Christchurch Art Gallery website ($15/$20 on the door), and stay tuned on facebook for more information. 

Purchase or stream ‘Hundred Waters’ over here: