greg johnson


While many musical fashions and styles have come and gone over the last 30 years, Greg Johnson has consistently maintained a unique style and place in the music world.  Quintessentially New Zealand but also universal by nature, his sound and lyrics are both deeply personal while maintaining a broad appeal to his many listeners. 

His catalogue of over 300 songs includes many kiwi classics such as “Isabelle”, “Don’t Wait Another Day”, “Swagger” and “Now The Sun is Out” with several becoming radio hits in New Zealand and the US. 

His 11th studio album Swing The Lantern is a return to the style of production employed on earlier albums, where a band of players get together over several weeks to record the songs in a big studio all at once.  The result captures the interactive nuances between players, the mood representing a moment in time - much like the perfect live concert.

Longtime friend, drummer and musical collaborator Wayne Bell produced the album, which was recorded at Stagg Street Studios in Los Angeles in June of 2015. Seasoned cohorts Ted Brown and Mark Hughes were joined by Welshman, Alex Troup on guitar and Bell on drums.

Songs from the album were written in the year prior to recording and many were road tested at Greg’s various shows during that time, a tried and true indication of what works and what doesn’t. 

 The result is without doubt the best of Johnson’s studio efforts to date but more importantly, the songs have already been judged as among his strongest by his hardcore fan base, fans that have wholly funded this latest release via