bryony matthews

Bryony Matthews is a Christchurch based singer/songwriter by way of Golden Bay.

Matthews grew up in a creative musical household – her Dad, an African drummer and marimba player, her Mother, a poet and her brothers both musicians.

Picking up a guitar at 14, Matthews has been writing and performing, shedding fears, gaining confidence and honing her skills, plus acquiring a collection of talented musicians to back her.

Matthews writes unique, considered, lyrics-focused folk-pop offerings, with her band lending an upbeat ambiance to the songs.

Matthews recently recorded her debut album with DictaphoneBlues front man Eddie Castelow, bringing her drummer, AJ Park and former guitarist, Adam Hattaway along for the ride.

Her debut album Little Queen is due for release in early 2017. In the meantime, new single ‘Voices’ is out November 4th.