bonfire baby

Soulful vocals, melodic harmonies and an infectious back beat give Bonfire Baby their signature sound. Rootsy guitar licks and honking saxophone melodies add to the band’s unique voice.

Front man Tom Irvine has assembled a cracker-jack group of players to compliment his repertoire of traditional rock, soul and country songs.

Bonfire Baby's eponymous 7-track e.p. is a dynamic, well crafted collection of songs recorded at The Lab Studios, with Olly Harmer at the helm.

 ‘La Niña’ is a sweet instrumental with a lilting guitar melody reminiscent of The Allman Brothers. 

‘Better Days’ and ‘In The End’ are classic soulful pop songs with an uptempo feel, enhanced by saxophone hooks and uplifting choruses.

‘Gone Crazy’ and ‘Dirtyskirt Blues’ showcase the ‘stoner rock’ element of the band with powerful mesmeric grooves while ‘Turn My Head’ continues the harder rock theme with a verse riff that brings ACDC to mind. 

‘No Mercy’ is a funky soul groove featuring a stand out vocal performance from Sophia Fa’alogo.

The Bonfire Baby E.P. will be available for purchase from iTunes, Bandcamp and at Live shows.

Bonfire Baby are:

Tom Irvine - Guitar/Vocals

Matt Shanks – Bass

Ben Campbell - Saxophone/Percussion

Neill McCulloch- Drums

Sophia Fa’alogo- Guest vocals


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