Singer/songwriter, Johnny Barker has been performing original material for well over a decade.

After the end of his first band (Jester) in 2002, Johnny continued as a solo artist before forming Nephew in 2004. Nephew was a three-piece power trio that captured the independent grunge ethos of a bygone era.

Johnny still focused on his solo career which culminated at the end of 2005 with a sellout show at Pt Chevalier's Ambassador Theatre accompanied by the limited release of Johnny Barker: Live at the Kings Arms; "Armed with a voice placed on a knife-edge between Thom Yorke and Billy Corgan, Barker manages to slow one's heartbeat in a single listening" - Jose Barbosa, Real Groove Sept 05.

In 2008, Johnny released the EP Lullabies for Macy Rose (named for his newborn niece). This solo effort focused on acoustic melodies, the tone ranging from beautiful melancholy to heartfelt longing, while never losing its pop sensibilities.

Recently, Johnny released 2 e.p.s under the moniker Barker, entitled Shepherd (Volume 1) and Impressions (Volume 2).  His style has evolved into a heady mix of psychedelic, fuzzy, rock whilst still maintaining a pop stance.

Johnny is also a member of grunge rock outfit, The Aristocrats, comprised of Barker, Cole Goodley, Jared Kahi and Warren Mendonsa. The Aristocrats have produced 3 albums to date; Whiskey & Requests, Cue Playback and V.H.YES, due for digital and vinyl release in 2015.