Andy Richards is a singer/songwriter based in the rural township of Warkworth. 

While retaining his own signature sound, Andy’s style has been compared to Jack Johnson, Weezer, Green Day, Elvis Costello, and Jason Mraz, among others

With an impressive, entertaining live show and a growing fan base, Andy’s songs vary from acoustic ballads to good old rock with punk influences, all possessing deceptively simple catchy, pop hooks to sing along to.

Having played shows with The Feelers, Paul Ubana Jones, Greg Johnson and The Jordan Luck Band, Andy has impressed a wide range of audiences with his upbeat tunes and acoustic based pop/rock songs.

Andy’s debut album Falling was met with warm praise from local media such as NZ Musician who declared, “Andy Richards is what NZ music is all about.”

Andy’s sophomore album Shine On is due for release in August 2016.